After a successful programme in Jordan, the SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy partners again with Mowgli Mentoring to deliver a mentoring program for Lebanese and Syrian refugee micro-entrepreneurs in Lebanon

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The SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy, an initiative of the Technical Assistance Facility of the SANAD Fund for MSME, has partnered with Mowgli Mentoring to deliver a 9-month mentoring program aimed at enhancing the lives of 15 Syrian refugee and Lebanese micro-entrepreneurs. This program follows the pioneering and highly successful SANAD Mowgli Mentoring program delivered last year in Jordan, which supported the same beneficiary group.

Through this 9-month program, 15 business leaders and professionals will be trained as mentors before being matched with 15 pre-selected micro-entrepreneurs based in Lebanon. Mowgli Mentoring is currently leading on the recruitment of mentors, and working with leading micro-finance institutions Al Majmoua and Ibdaa Lebanon to recruit the 15 micro-entrepreneurs who will be supported through the program.

Why Mentoring?

Over the years, mentoring has been used as a cost-effective means of developing human capital as it supports the empowerment of the entrepreneurs’ core spirit, developing their resilience, motivation and mindsets as well as skills and behaviours critical for long-term success. Mowgli’s 360-degree mentoring approach develops both human and entrepreneurial capital by focusing on the entrepreneurs’ personal and professional development.

The unique aspect around the SANAD and Mowgli Mentoring partnership is that it provides support to Syrian refugees along with their host-community counterparts who in this case are Lebanese micro-entrepreneurs. Both groups have an equal opportunity and support system to engage in sustainable, income generating activities which will consequently encourage positive refugee-host community relations as the mentors are mainly from a Lebanese background. The program will therefore quicken the integration of Syrian refugees into the Lebanon labour market and their economic contribution.

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Call for Mentors

To support with the recruitment of suitable program participants and beneficiaries, Mowgli will deliver a Mentoring Awareness Session (MAS) in Beirut on Friday, 5th July. The session will share more information about mentoring, digging deeper into its true definition and provide clarity around the differences between mentoring and coaching, training, consulting and other activities often associated with the practice. The session will also give clear information on how to engage in this program, its timeline, eligibility criteria and benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Are you passionate about working with vulnerable communities and empowering entrepreneurial development within micro-entrepreneur groups? Register to attend the Mentoring Awareness Session here.