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Effective mentoring is not an innate skill; rather, it is something that is learned and perfected through deliberate effort and practice. This book helps both existing and aspiring mentors to develop the essential knowledge – and to perfect the skills, behaviours and techniques – needed to build confidence in their practice.

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Mentoring relationships hold immense significance for entrepreneurs, helping them to realise their full potential. But mentors themselves also benefit significantly from these relationships, gaining inspiration and energy from those they partner with. The calling can feel like a big step, but with strong foundations will lead to lifelong engagement with mentoring. Our mission is to make effective mentoring more accessible and available, enriching the world with connectedness and kindness.  

Capturing the experience of a broad range of mentors and mentees who we have worked with in our mentoring programmes over the past 15 years, this book offers insights, guidance, and motivation to both aspiring and seasoned mentors.   


The book goes beyond the basics of mentoring entrepreneurs and addresses the not-so-obvious challenges mentors encounter when guiding entrepreneurs. It explores the essential skills, behaviours, and techniques required to become an effective mentor, encouraging deliberate effort and practice to cultivate the art of mentoring. This book uncovers the hidden obstacles mentors face and provides practical strategies to overcome them.    

Whether you are a seasoned mentor seeking to refine your skills or someone interested in embarking on a mentoring journey, this book is tailored to meet your needs. It equips mentors with a holistic understanding of mentoring concepts, provides self-reflective questions, exercises, and prompts for active engagement, and serves as a trusted compass for navigating specific challenges and finding practical solutions.

While primarily focused on entrepreneurial mentors, the principles and strategies outlined in the book are applicable to mentoring relationships in any field. Our mission is to make effective mentoring more accessible and available, enriching the world with connectedness and kindness.

“Mentoring Entrepreneurs” is not just a book; it a versatile companion that empowers mentors to unlock the full potential of mentoring. By investing in the preparation and development of mentors, this guide paves the way for transformative mentoring relationships that foster entrepreneurial success.

“At the start of any mentoring relationship, I invest time to really get to understand the entrepreneurs, their purpose and what they try to do. This sets the foundation for a great mentoring relationship.”
David Brun
David Brun
“I get a buzz from helping people solve challenges and succeed, and build strong relationships in the process. It is important to me to share my experience as a mentor and enable other people to grow in this role.”
Nigel Stone


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