Mentoring Skills and Practice Course

Practical skills for impactful guidance

Be a better mentor, leader or manager

Build your mentoring and coaching knowledge, skills and effectiveness to excel in any leadership role, whether it be as a mentor, manager or team leader with our Mentoring Skills and Practice Course.

Why mentoring skills matter?

Developing mentoring skills is not only crucial for effective mentoring but also plays an integral role in successful management and leadership. These skills encompass the ability to establish trust, empathise, communicate authentically and foster mutual understanding and collaboration – qualities that are indispensable for having strong and fruitful relationships and conversations, be it in a mentoring context or within a management and/or leadership role.

Effective mentors, managers, and leaders rely on these core competencies to boost the confidence, motivation, performance, resilience and mindset of individuals they work with, whether they are mentees, team members, peers or employees. By honing mentoring skills, one can cultivate a positive and supportive environment where individuals are encouraged to reach their full potential, contribute ideas, and collaborate effectively toward shared objectives, generating change and results.

Learn and practice the science and art of impactful mentoring and coaching  with our self-paced Mentoring Skills and Practice Course. You’ll learn how to build meaningful relationships and have purposeful conversations, provide constructive feedback, and create a safe and supportive environment where people can learn, grow and perform.

As a younger professional, I face a constant internal battle of confidence in the skills I have and am still developing which I believe could be helpful to others and the imposter syndrome which constantly seems to invalidate my experiences and skills because “I haven’t been around for long”. This training helped me gain confidence in the my ability to mentor someone else by breaking down the important skills for mentoring and practicing them which lead to the realisation that I have what it takes and could develop a mentoring style that is specific to me.

Samantha Zouankouan

Common Purpose

This training provides you with very concrete tools to be a better mentor, be it in your personal or professional life. It gives you a space to test them out, and practice!

Liesbeth Casier

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Who is this course for?

If you are a (prospective) mentor who

  • Is keen to mentor, but not sure where to start or wants to feel more confident in the role
  • Is currently mentoring, and wondering how to improve your active listening, powerful questioning, challenging and feedback skills
  • Likes the idea of having some live practice and feedback sessions with other mentors to get direct experience of the power of mentoring
  • Wants to build up a mentor “toolkit” to draw on when engaging with others
  • Desires to enhance your leadership skills, leading by example, and inspire others to reach their full potential

If you are a (prospective) mentee who

  • Wants to develop or strengthen your skills to better engage with others through mentoring-style conversations
  • Aims to gain the ability to provide constructive feedback and guidance that drives individual and team performance improvement
  • Wants to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence within your organisation, resulting in higher retention and satisfaction among your team members?
  • Seeks a mentoring and coach training programme that provides practical, hands-on experience and ongoing support to ensure your success as a leader
  • Wants to build up a mentor “toolkit” to draw on when engaging with others

About the 'Mentoring Skills and Practice - Level 1' course

Mentoring Skills and Practice Level 1

On-demand Online


10 hours of guided learning

2 live practice sessions

Certificate of completion

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1– The Mentoring Mindset
  • Module 2 – Core mentoring skills: active listening and asking powerful questions
  • Module 3 – Core mentoring skills: active listening and asking powerful questions + Mentoring practice session preparation
  • Live practice session #1
  • Module 4 – Mentoring behaviours and models: relationship building and direction setting phases
  • Module 5 – Mentoring tools: progressing and midway growth phases
  • Module 6 -Mentoring Tools: winding up and moving on phases
  • Live practice session #2 and wrap up

By the end of this course, you will have...

  • Developed and strengthened a mentoring and coaching toolkit which includes the skills, mindset and confidence to nurture and support others
  • Learnt how to build stronger trust-based relationships and have purposeful conversations that yield results
  • Deepened your self- awareness and leadership capability
  • Learnt how to use mentoring and coaching models and tools, which you can draw on when needed
  • Practiced your mentoring and coaching skills and strengthened your confidence with other participants in a safe environment
  • Understood the mentoring journey, its phases and needs at different times
Which course format is right for you and your organisation?

We can deliver this course in a variety of ways to meet your organisational and programmatic needs.

Want a group of mentors or your team members to go through the course? We have a few options:

  • They can join the on-demand online course when they are ready to and join others in the practice sessions
  • We can set up and manage a closed self-paced cohort online with interaction and practice sessions* tailored for your group only
  • We can deliver a fully facilitated online or in person training course*

*Additional facilitated practice sessions and topical discussions can also be included.

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