Empowering Loan Officers and Micro-Entrepreneurs through Mentoring

Mowgli Foundation (now The Human Edge)'s pilot programme in Egypt highlights the power of combining leadership development with mentoring to support both loan officers and micro-entrepreneurs. By equipping loan officers with essential skills and fostering collaboration with entrepreneurs, the programme contributes to capacity building and promotes business growth within the microfinance sector.
Alexandria Business School Case Study

Project: MFI Mentor Training Programme (Egypt)

Location: Egypt

Client: Alexandria Business Association (ABA)

This case study explores the Mowgli Foundation (now The Human Edge) pilot programme in Egypt, which aimed to:

  • Develop leadership skills among ABA loan officers through mentoring.
  • Integrate mentoring into ABA’s approach to support micro-entrepreneurs, fostering their growth and sustainability.

Programme Design:

  • Mentor training: 27 loan officers received training on mentoring skills and techniques.
  • Matching: 13 trained loan officers were paired with micro-entrepreneurs from the ABA’s client base.
  • Ongoing support: Mowgli Foundation (now The Human Edge) provided peer calls and refresher training for mentors throughout the year.

Key Findings:

  • Loan officers reported developing leadership and communication skills through mentoring.
  • 84% of loan officers felt their clients made progress towards their goals.
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