GoRise Mentoring Programme: Nurturing Tech Entrepreneurs in Tunisia

The GoRise Mentoring Programme helped entrepreneurs create 162 new jobs and secure new funding in just 5 months. Learn how our personalised approach can empower your business.
Go Rise Case Study

GoRise Mentoring Programme: Nurturing Tech Entrepreneurs in Tunisia

Client: GIZ Tunisia

Year: 2022

Number of participants: 21

Programme Duration: 5 months

Executive Summary

The GoRise Mentoring Programme was a personalised programme designed to empower seed and early growth stage tech entrepreneurs in Tunisia. It provided a mentoring-centred approach, recognising the critical role mentors play in supporting founders at crucial junctures.


  • Seed and early growth stage businesses were particularly vulnerable, facing challenges in market knowledge, product-market fit, cash flow management, fundraising, and navigating a complex regulatory environment.
  • Traditional training programmes weren’t yielding desired results, highlighting the need for a more human-centred approach.


The Human Edge designed a comprehensive programme offering each entrepreneur a personalised learning pathway. Key components included:

  • Mentoring: Experienced business professionals with coaching experience provided ongoing guidance and support.
  • Technical Training: Targeted sessions covered business planning, value proposition development, and sales strategies.
  • Business Coaching: Addressed specific skill gaps and challenges identified by entrepreneurs.
  • Network Building: Connected participants with a network of innovators and mentors.

A Mentoring-Centred Framework

The programme prioritised a strong mentoring experience through:

  • Rigorous Mentor Selection: Selecting experienced professionals with coaching experience and The Human Edge mentor training.
  • Mentee Preparation: Ensuring mentees understand how to maximise the programme and mentoring relationship.
  • Strategic Matching: Pairing mentors and mentees for optimal support and development.
  • Ongoing Support: Facilitating a structured support system to monitor progress and address challenges.


The GoRise Mentoring Programme yielded significant results for participating entrepreneurs:

  • Economic Growth & Job Creation:
    • 162 new jobs created (vs 122 initially)
    • 2.35 jobs created per entrepreneur
    • 67% of jobs retained
    • 93% of entrepreneurs planned geographical expansion (22% already expanded)
  • Business Growth & Sustainability:
    • 100% of respondents reported program benefits and would recommend it.
    • 67% increased revenue.
    • 100% improved product/service quality.
    • 28% secured new funding within 5 months.
    • 9374 new clients acquired.
  • Personal Growth & Leadership Strengthening:
    • 93% of entrepreneurs felt more confident moving their business forward.
    • 93% found the entrepreneurial network beneficial.

“The sessions between Thabet and me were excellent… I guided him to revamp his pitch deck…”

– Fadi Naffah, GoRise Mentoring Programme Mentor.

“Thank you for this opportunity… Aziz is a great man… Professionally, I’m confident…”

– Ahmed Najjar, GoRise Mentoring Programme Entrepreneur.

“We have a strong bond… Working with my mentor is like receiving a million dollars grant.”

– Mahdi Ghribi, GoRise Mentoring Programme Entrepreneur.

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