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P4NE-NELA Case Study

Client: Partners for a New Economy (P4NE)

Years: Piloted in 2023, ongoing with a second cohort until 2025

Number of participants: 30 leaders across 11 countries

Executive Summary

The New Economy Leaders Academy is a leadership development programme designed to empower experienced and emerging leaders working in the new economy sector. The Academy fosters collaboration, strengthens relationships, and equips participants with the skills and networks to drive positive change.


New Economy leaders face unique challenges:

  • Complexity and Ambiguity: Navigating complex systems and ambiguous situations requires innovative approaches not always emphasised in traditional leadership development.
  • Limited Mentoring: Lack of access to effective mentoring hinders personal, organisational, and sector-wide resilience.
  • Network Challenges: Building and maintaining strong networks across diverse sectors and geographies is crucial but difficult.
  • Work-Life Balance: Passion for the work can lead to burnout, highlighting the need for self-care strategies.


The Academy is a 10-month programme that promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange between leaders across 11 countries. It combines:

  • Mentoring and Leadership Development: Dedicated training equips participants to be effective mentors and leaders.
  • Matching and Accelerated Relationships: Strategic matching fosters strong mentoring partnerships.
  • Facilitated Peer Learning and Community Building: Structured sessions and activities encourage collaboration and build a supportive network.
  • Leading Beyond Authority: The programme emphasises learning and adaptation in a constantly evolving environment.


  • Increased Skills and Confidence: 80% of participants report feeling more confident and skilled.
  • Enhanced Networks and Collaboration: 93% expanded their network and now collaborate more effectively.
  • Stronger Relationships and Teams: 84% feel better prepared to build strong working relationships.
  • Greater Personal Impact: Participants report feeling empowered to make a positive difference.

“The Academy has helped me see myself as a self-effective leader… and it brings with it the wonderful gift of a supportive community.”

– Lydia Korinek, Policy Consultant, ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies

“The most significant change… is that I feel part of a network… finding levers for change…”

– Katherine Hermans, Co-Founder and Director at Global Changemakers

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