Unlocking Innovation: Nurturing Engineers for Entrepreneurial Success

This programme equipped innovators with the skills and support needed to bridge the gap between invention and commercial success. See how mentoring, business training, and networking helped engineers translate ideas into action, raise millions, and create new jobs!


Client: Royal Academy of Engineering
Year: 2022
Number of participants: 70 emerging innovators
Participating countries: 10 countries
Hours of formal training delivered: 349 hours
Number of learning sessions delivered: 131
Hours of mentoring delivered: 1226

Mentoring is the differentiator from other accelerator programmes I’ve been on. My mentor has provided me with very helpful guidance and insights on what potential partners and investors I can expect. He connects on a regular on-demand basis with me
– LIF Global Programme 2022 Innovator

The Objective

The primary objective of the LIF Global Programme 2022 was to commercialise and grow international engineering ideas or early-stage businesses/organisations so as to increase job creation and
international connections. In addition, the programme sought to increase the adoption of engineering innovations, improve local ecosystems, enhance collaboration, adoption of entrepreneurial mindset and evidence-based business practices.

The Challenge

Empowering engineers and researches for commercial success.

  • Participants primarily possessed an engineering mindset prioritising product development over understanding customer needs.
  • Skilled technologists and scientists with limited business knowledge and networks necessary for commercial success.
  • Operating remotely, the programme required innovative solutions for collaboration, engagement, and community/network building.

Our Approach

In collaboration with Change School and the University of Suffolk, The Human Edge formed the Shine Consortium, the delivery partner for the LIF Global Programme 2022. The programme offered a fully integrated learning experience spanning six months, combining:

  • Commercialisation training programme
  • One-to-one and group mentoring
  • Two-week residential in the UK
  • Dedicated support to in-country partners

A Mentoring-centred Framework

The LIF Global Programme 2022 revolutionised entrepreneurial development in engineering by blending cutting-edge training with mentor-driven support. Throughout the programme, mentoring was instrumental in reinforcing lessons learned, motivating action and accountability as providing guidance through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Ensuring Mentoring Effectiveness

Leveraging our accredited curriculum and experience in setting up effective mentoring programmes, we also focused on critical elements:

  • Mentor recruitment: The Human Edge recruited seasoned entrepreneurs and senior business leaders as mentors, some with an engineering background but not limited to it.
  • Mentor training: to ensure mentors succeeded in their roles, we equipped them with tools, and behaviours to build strong mentoring relationships.
  • Mentee preparation: critical for innovators to understand how to make the most of mentoring.

Many mentoring programmes overlook this critical step, but studies repeatedly show that when both mentors and mentees are trained, 9 out 10 relationships yield significant results.

I couldn’t be happier with my mentor. They have been able to push me into testing barriers, get infront of key people and support with validating mybusiness model. I have a new vision for my business.
– LIF Global Programme 2022 Innovator

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