Fireside Chat: What is different about mentoring entrepreneurs?

What is different about mentoring entrepreneurs

This engaging fireside chat discussion, featuring Maia Gedde, Ann Gitari, Duncan Battishill, and Nicholas Colloff, unpacked the unique aspects of guiding aspiring business owners. Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or considering taking the leap, here are some key takeaways and reflections to ponder: From Training to Transformation: The Power of Mentoring The panelists emphasised that […]

Hidden Gems in Your Toolkit: How Mentoring Skills Boost Your Leadership 

leader or manager with team member

One’s ability to mentor and coach extends far beyond their designated roles. Whether you’re steering a team towards a shared vision or driving innovation within your organisation, the core principles of effective mentoring serve as the compass guiding your journey. The Human Edge is synonymous with powerful mentoring programmes, unlocking potential and empowering individuals, organisations, […]

Fireside Chat: Once a mentor, always a mentor

Once a mentor, always a mentor

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor, or are you looking to refine your existing mentoring skills? Then you won’t want to miss these key takeaways from our webinar, hosted by Maia Gedde from The Human Edge, featuring mentoring veterans Nigel Stone and Linda Shuma. New to Mentoring? Here’s Your Launchpad For those just embarking […]

The Mentoring Paradox: Why Not All Successful Entrepreneurs Make Good Mentors 

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We often assume that those who have scaled the peaks of entrepreneurial success possess an innate ability to mentor others on the same journey. However, reality paints a different picture. Not all successful entrepreneurs make effective mentors. While their entrepreneurial expertise is undeniable, there are certain qualities and skills that distinguish exceptional mentors from the […]

Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game Formula and Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Interference for Success

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Unlock entrepreneurial success by mastering the inner game at The Human Edge. Explore Timothy Gallwey’s formula: “Potential minus Interference equals Success.” Overcome internal barriers for unparalleled success in the entrepreneurial battlefield. Our mentoring and coaching programs nurture resilient leaders, transforming potential into action. For donors, investing in mentoring is an investment in unstoppable positive change. Partner with us to rewrite entrepreneurship’s narrative—where the inner game is conquered. Contact The Human Edge for transformative outcomes today.

Mentoring vs. Coaching: Which Is Right for You? 

Blog Image - Mentoring vs Coaching: Which is right for you?

As individuals, we all strive for personal growth and development, seeking guidance and support to navigate through life’s challenges and achieve our goals. Two widely popular methods for personal development are mentoring and coaching. While both approaches share similarities, they have distinct differences that make them suitable for different situations and individuals. In this blog […]

Navigating the critical phases of an entrepreneur’s journey: The impact of a mentor 

Blog Image -Navigating the critical phases of an entrepreneur’s journey

Every entrepreneur embarks on a journey that shapes both their personal growth and the development of their business. The entrepreneurial learning experience is not linear but goes through distinct phases of growth and challenges. Mowgli Mentoring has identified three critical learning points in an entrepreneur’s journey and highlights the profound impact that a mentor can […]

Relationships: The Foundation of Sustainable Social Change 

Blog Image - The Foundation of Sustainable Social Change

The power of relationships is often overlooked in the world of social change. But at Mowgli Mentoring, we believe that relationships are the foundation of sustainable change. In this blog post, we explore how relationships, coupled with core skills like powerful questioning and active listening, can be used to drive sustainable social change.