Key Mentoring Skill: Active Listening and Powerful Questioning

Unleashing the Power of Active Listening and Powerful Questioning in Mentorship

Effective mentors know that true power lies not just in giving advice, but in creating a space for mentees to discover their own solutions. This fireside chat delves into the art of active listening and powerful questioning – two pillars of effective mentoring. Learn practical techniques to draw out your mentee’s full potential, cultivate deeper connections, and guide them on their journey to success.

Key Mentoring Skills: Active Listening & Powerful Questioning

Join The Human Edge for our 5th Fireside Chat

This 5th Fireside Chat in The Human Edge series dives deep into the art of active listening and powerful questioning – essential skills for any mentor. Discover how to create a safe space for mentees to share openly, ask thought-provoking questions that ignite self-discovery, and guide them towards achieving their goals.

Save the Date

Date: 19th June 2024

Time: 1-2 PM UK Time

Who should attend?
  • Leaders & Managers: Hone your ability to mentor and empower your teams.
  • HR Professionals: Design and deliver impactful mentoring programmes within your organisation.
  • Mentors & Coaches: Sharpen your core skills and refine your approach to mentoring.
  • Leadership & Development Professionals: Expand your knowledge base to elevate your practice.
  • Entrepreneur Support Organisations: Equip yourselves to provide the most effective mentoring tools to your ventures.
  • Funders & Foundations: Make informed decisions when backing leadership development initiatives.
Why should you attend?
  • Become a transformational mentor: Cultivate the skills to significantly impact your mentees’ growth.
  • Empower your teams: Foster a culture of learning and development within your organisation.
  • Enhance communication: Master the art of active listening and powerful questioning for all your interactions.
  • Improved decision-making: Guide mentees through critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.
  • Build stronger relationships: Develop deeper connections and trust with your mentees.

Save the date: 19th June 2024

Venue: Online – Join from Anywhere!

Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your mentoring skills and become a catalyst for positive change.