MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy The adventure continues…

MAVA Leaders for Nature, Jordan

Launched in March 2018, the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy is developing leaders in the conservation sector, specifically supporting senior and young professionals from MAVA Foundation’s partner organisations. Delivered by Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring who are recognized and applauded experts in their respective fields, the academy has four cohorts; three currently ongoing (two English speaking and one French speaking) with the fourth and final (English speaking) cohort expected to officially begin in May.

Learn more about the participants experiences in this video and this blog article.

This February, we celebrated our second cohort…

On 18 February 2020, the second cohort, who were also the first French speaking cohort, graduated. It was a moment of reconnection and celebration following their one-year leadership journey. The participants offered words of appreciation for one another, acknowledged their learning at an individual and cohort level. The journey is not finished. The graduates will continue to maximize the impact of their experience by transferring their learning into their organisations.

Djibril Diallo, Executive Director of the NGO Nature Mauritanie is one of the senior professionals from cohort 2. In this video, he shares his experience of the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy, 2019.

… and the third cohort bonded in Jordan!

After a competitive selection process finalized in November 2019, the third cohort of the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy commenced their leadership development journey with an online welcome in January 2020. This was partly to prepare them for their participation in the face-to-face event delivered in Jordan, between 24 and 29 February 2020. During the intense 4.5-day event, the participants:

  • Developed intergenerational relationships and collaboration
  • Were introduced to and explored “Leading Beyond Authority”, the Academy thought leadership
  • Experienced and practiced mentoring skills
  • Modeled leadership effectiveness through contributors and visits
  • Built deeper relationships across the diverse community of MAVA partners
MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy, Jordan, Feb 20 © Thibaut Branquart

The week offered time to connect, a safe space for self-reflection and introspection, and lots of fun!

This third cohort is composed of 10 men and 20 women; 63% from the Mediterranean Basin, 20% from our Sustainable Economy Programme and 17% from West Africa.

The participants of the third cohort come from the folloing organisations: Al Shouf Cedar Society (Lebanon), ARCHELON — Τhe Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, Association Biom (Croatia), Biosfera Cabo Verde, BirdLife International, Circle Economy, European Environmental Bureau, Nature Conservation Egypt, Tour du Valat, Fundaçao Tartaruga (Cabo Verde) / Turtle Foundation, WWF Adria, WWF-Spain, Natural Capital Coalition, Society for The Protection of Nature in Lebanon.

In the coming months, we expect to see increased relationship building between mentor and mentee. The senior professionals will also benefit from executive coaching.

MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy, Jordan, Feb 20 © Thibaut Branquart

With June only being a couple of months away, we’re excited to reconnect with this cohort for the second and last face-to-face event, where they will continue to build their inter-generational relationships, go through an innovation process and refresh their mentoring skills.

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