Mentee Spotlight: Justine Awino

Justine Awino

Rhoi Creations was created from a need to fulfill a passion I have heard from childhood. I’ve always been drawn to interior decor and found myself on many occasions, taking note of how the places I visited appeared. I found myself correcting colour themes in houses many times and decided to turn this passion into a money making venture.

I decided to join the Imarisha Mentoring Programme because I do not have a proper background in business, and wanted to have the guidance of someone in the business world to hold my hand through this venture. A little guidance here and there goes a long way.

My Mentoring Journey

It’s been a refreshing journey, my mentor developed interest in my venture from the first day of the workshop which is interesting because at the time, I was unsure about the direction to take with the venture. However, my mentor has been very keen on helping me grow and expand the business and as such, I have become more motivated.

“It feels good to have a neutral person who has no vested interest in the business give feedback, because then, the feedback is raw and sincere. Having a mentor has given me someone who I know has got my back and that in itself makes a huge difference.”

Through this relationship, I’ve been able to get approval from the National Industrial Training Authority to train interior deco interns. I couldn’t thank Mowgli more for this opportunity. I am a very happy person.

Biggest Shift

As mentioned earlier, I joined the mentoring programme when my business was in a bad state. I was contemplating closing it and taking a break until I met Samson Ouma who got me digging to understand where the problem was and what the solution would be. After working on the issues together, we have seen a shift in performance and an increase in sales. Rhoi Creations is alive today because Mowgli intervened through this mentorship programme.

I have also learnt that quitting is for losers, when things get thick, find a way to navigate through the storm, but do not quit!

Bythe end of this programme, I hope to have learnt enough skills to be able to give back to society by being a mentor some day in the future. This programme has a lot to offer, and I want others to experience what I have experienced. My business has survived one of its worst storms through the help of another person. It feels good.