Mentoring supports the development of youth agribusiness in Africa’s fastest-growing economy where 64% of the population are below the age of 30

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Ethiopia, Africa’s fastest developing economy according to the IMF, is an agricultural economy with the practice contributing to nearly 50 percent of the country’s earnings. In a country where the youth make up 64% of the population, it only makes sense that our first strategic partnership in the country and Sub Saharan Africa, was with Ethiopia’s first, youth agribusiness incubator, blueMoon.

“One key reason why blueMoon Ethiopia entrepreneurs secured investment at Lions Den is because of mentoring” Eleni Gabre Madhin — Founder, blueMoon, Ethiopia

Our recently concluded program in the country, demonstrates the impact of combining 360 degree mentoring (which focuses on both the personal and professional areas of life) with accelerator programs to facilitate the embedding of learning, keep the entrepreneurs accountable and fast-track entrepreneurial growth. Through our program with blueMoon, Mowgli Entrepreneurs pivoted and grew their businesses to gain local and international recognition as well as USD240,000 (6.6 million Birr) worth of funding within their mentoring year.

“I learnt to let the process take place by actively listening & empowering my mentees to make their own decisions” Biruk Yosef blueMoon

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