Mowgli Alumni Spotlight: Hani Thalji

Hani Thalji

Mentor name: Hani Thalji

Designation: CEO, VARARI

Country: Jordan

Mowgli Mentoring Program: THE NEXT SOCIETY Regional Mentoring Program

Why Mentoring?

I wanted to give back and help others overcome challenges and find their way towards success.

Describe your relationship with your mentee and the mentoring experience over the past 12 months

It was a very nice experience and we became good friends, and our connection became stronger over time. We were able to open up freely and discuss work, and personal matters as well as challenges which led to us exploring possible solutions. A charge of positivity and new level of energy has always been the outcome of our meetings.

How did the mentor training support this mentoring journey and what have been your key learnings?

I appreciate the tools and techniques learnt over the course of this program, mostly around self-exploration and self-awareness. The journey of connecting with other people at multiple levels to help them consider new perspectives and alternative solutions as well as opportunities in their entrepreneurial journey has been rewarding. It feels great to be able to give entrepreneurs a push of optimism and energy coupled with helping them realize the need for creating a healthy balance between work and personal lives so as to achieve a new level of happiness.

How has this mentoring journey impacted your personal and professional life?

I actually started using the mentoring techniques among my personal and work life surroundings, and have also started mentoring new entrepreneurs. It’s pleasant to know that that I can make a difference in other people’s lives.

What do you feel is the role mentoring within the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem the MENA region?

I believe if mentoring is utilized in the right perspective and with proper matching, it can highly elevate the outcome of innovation among start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other related entities in the regional ecosystem. I also believe mentoring relationships can create bridges of support and solidarity within the same country and across borders, which can help overcome challenges of understanding of new markets to increase chances of scalability and growth.

Ihighly encourage mentoring as it creates a greater level of bonding amongst human beings. Individuals are empowered to reach out, and connect more effectively within an environment that is structured as expectations are clear, and support is provided to achieve desirable outcomes. It supports exploring new ways and options on how we can embrace life at both personal and professional levels.