Mowgli Mentee Voices: THE NEXT SOCIETY Mentoring Programme

Cohort 3 - The Next Society Mentoring Programme

Cohort 3 mentees what they hope to get out of the mentoring programme.

Cohort 3 — THE NEXT SOCIETY Regional Mentoring Programme

We recently kicked off the third and final cohort of THE NEXT SOCIETY regional mentoring programmes. As with many of our programmes, we’ve now gone online and this was the first online Kickstart workshop for our participants within this project.

This final cohort features 14 mentor-mentee pairs from Egypt, Jordan Lebanon and Palestine, who have officially begun their mentoring journey with Mowgli, and will be supported until March 2021.

We reached out to the mentees to share a bit about what they’re looking forward to learning and developing within their mentoring relationships. Here’s what they shared…

Yara Hani Zreikat — Amwalcom. No. of years in business: 2

“I joined this programme to get some insights on both the personal and the professional levels. Mentoring is always needed regardless of the stage the company is at.

I would like to see how mentors with rich expertise look at a business like ours, and get insights from an external point of view.”

Left: Mutaz Maroun — CarersApp, Right:Sara Dsouki — Spectra Design Studio. Years in business: 2

“You are never too old to learn from others. I may be 44 years old, but I have been an entrepreneur for over 2 years now (10% of my career). It would be great to find someone that I can relate to that has tried to start something new at later stage in their career. I’m looking for a mentor who has experience investing in several projects and consulting to support my journey as an entrepreneur, father, son, and husband so I can find a way to juggle all, and enjoy all things in life at the same time.” Mutaz Maroun

“I want to expand my knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from more experienced people, and build my professional background. I’m also looking at improving my communication skills, and learning new ways of thinking to advance further in my career.” Sara Dsouki

Inthis cohort, 11 out of the 14 pairs matched are cross country matchings. We hope that these pairs will continue to push forward concrete solutions for leveraging social and development challenges in MENA and beyond, through regional exchange, learning and collaboration.