Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge) to train 120 mentors to support innovators across MENA as a partner of THE NEXT SOCIETY

THE NEXT SOCIETY Entrepreneur Mentoring Programme, Morocco

Mowgli Mentoring continues with its commitment to support the people driving economic and social change within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. As one of the implementing partners of THE NEXT SOCIETY movement, which is funded by the European Union, Mowgli will be working to support THE NEXT SOCIETY of innovators engaged in innovation and economic development, thereby shaping the future in the Mediterranean.

To further drive enhanced development and entrepreneurial growth within the project’s strategic sectors, Mowgli will utilise its EMCC accredited mentoring syllabus to train and capacity build 120 leaders engaged in supporting innovators and entrepreneurs as holistic (professional and personal) mentors, over a period of 6 months as well as provide deep 1–2–1 holistic mentoring for 36 high potential, innovative start-ups and SMEs over a period of 12-months.

The movement will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, public and private innovation stakeholders from Europe and the Mediterranean region, thereby developing a vibrant ecosystem for these change makers to tackle sustainable development challenges faced across the Mediterranean with 7 strategic sectors; Tech & Software, Food, Environment, Energy, Health, Social and Culture.

Speaking on the partnership and their involvement in the project, Mowgli’s CEO Kathleen Bury stated,

“We are excited to be working with ANIMA Investment Network and the other leading partners within this project to help the European Union achieve its funding objectives of strengthening innovators and innovation ecosystems through mentoring. Following on from the 90+ mentoring programs that we have delivered to date, 75+ of which were within the Mediterranean region, we are confident that we will continue to showcase the significant personal, business and economic value that can be generated through mentoring.”

THE NEXT SOCIETY launched a four-year action plan (2017–2020) and was kicked off in Athens, Greece in May 2017 with an event co-organised by the ANIMA Investment Network and Enterprise Greece. ANIMA states that

“For the first time in the region, a wide and diverse community of actors committed to innovation and change are part of an ambitious initiative that promises to strengthen innovation ecosystems. This initiative aims at creating future champions by delivering high-quality services to innovators, including through accredited mentoring methodologies.”

To raise awareness about the power of mentoring and inspire as well as recruit professionals to be trained as mentors to support innovators within the target sectors, the ANIMA Investment Network, Mowgli Mentoring and other THE NEXT SOCIETY project partners will deliver Elevator Roadshows in Jordan and Lebanon, scheduled for 25th October and 16th November respectively. Mentor applications for the first programs in these countries, as well as Palestine, will open on 24th October through the Mowgli Mentoring website.

Focused on emerging markets, Mowgli’s programs support private-sector-driven economic growth and job creation by developing a supportive framework within which entrepreneurs, corporate employees, women and youth can set and achieve their goals, unlock their potential and seize new opportunities.

About Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge)

Mowgli Mentoring is a not-for-profit organisation driving inclusive economic and social change in the Middle East and Africa. Our unique, award-winning methodology provides a supportive framework which empowers entrepreneurs, women and youth to unlock their potential and seize new opportunities.

Mowgli Mentoring’s methodology supports long-term professional and personal development. Our volunteer mentors are trained to listen, guide and inspire. Mentors themselves testify as to how the mentoring process also helps their own development. We systematically match mentors with mentees, and provide structured support as they co-develop long-term, trust-based relationships. Our approach is a practical and sustainable way of developing human capital to the benefit of the whole community.

As a recognised leader in the field of mentoring, we were awarded the European Quality Award (EQA) by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2016 for our programme syllabus. In the region we received the Ta’atheer Employment Generation Award in 2016 and the Mohammed bin Rashid Best Mentor Network in the Region in 2012.


THE NEXT SOCIETY is an open community of change makers engaged in innovation and economic development. It gathers entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, NGOs, public and private innovation, research and economic development hubs from Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

THE NEXT SOCIETY gathers already a large network of over 300 business & innovation, research and investment organisations, 2,500 international SMEs and entrepreneurs from 30 countries.

THE NEXT SOCIETY is launching a four year action plan (2017–2020), co-funded by the EU up to 90% for a global amount of EUR 7.8 million budget.


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