Kathleen Bury

Kat Bury


Kat is a global nomad who is driven to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging, both within oneself and with others, ultimately eliminating the feelings of loneliness and promoting a happier, more fulfilled life. To do her part in achieving this and to catalyse human, economic and societal transformation, she has made mentoring, coaching and human-centred learning and development her sole focus.
Being the daughter of a serial entrepreneur and part of 3 startup businesses, 2 of which were sold, she has repeatedly lived the entrepreneurial journey, albeit initially through a family business lens. Following a career in research and consulting in the Middle East, Kat became CEO of The Human Edge, formerly Mowgli Mentoring, in 2012 and as CEO has led the company’s vision, strategy and growth with her passion for quality mentoring and coaching, programming, local capacity building and multi-level sustainable impact at the core.
She is a Co-active Training Institute (CTI) trained coach and being a learning junkie, Kat has a BA Hons from Nottingham Trent Business School and has participated in numerous executive programs at NYU, Columbia Business School, INSEAD, Wharton and Harvard Business School and completed her Applied Directorship Programme (ADP) with the Sirdar Group. Coupled with this, she continually seeks out opportunities to evolve as a leader through communities which give her meaning; she was previously the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) Kenya President, Board Member and Forum Trainer, is an active member of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), Pollinate Impact and the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC).
She loves dabbling in a bit of interior design, traveling the world far and wide and adding to the list of 35 countries that she has travelled to and is a proud foster mom of 5 baby elephants.