Lorraine Agutu

Lorraine Agutu

Content Specialist

Lorraine joined Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge) in July 2021 as a Content Specialist, tasked with the role of raising awareness of the positive impact that mentoring can have on individuals in the pursuit of success. She has over 10 years’ experience working in the fields of Biochemistry and Digital Marketing. Prior to joining Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge), she worked at Qallann Marketing Agency and Nestle. She has managed several international teams and worked with brands over 30 global brands across several countries in Sub Saharan Africa. Lorraine has a BSc in Biochemistry (University of Nairobi) and MSc. In Project Management (University of Liverpool). Though a scientist by profession, she is a creative at heart, with a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their brands. When she’s not creating content, Lorraine spends her time cooking, baking, painting, and doing all sorts of creative DIY projects.
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