Over sixty women graduate from the ‘Mentoring for Success Programme’ delivered in Jordan.

UN Women

Over sixty women graduate from the ‘Mentoring for Success Programme’ delivered in Jordan.

Mowgli Mentoring, in partnership with UN Women and with the generous support of the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian Crisis (the “Madad Fund”), organized a graduation ceremony which saw 69 women graduate from a six-month micro-entrepreneurial mentoring programme.

The programme, which was aimed at improving the lives of women micro-entrepreneurs in Jordan, was launched earlier in the year with mentees selected from the Governorates of Karak, Maan, East Amman, Zarqaa, Tafileh and Shobek matched with carefully selected Mowgli trained mentors from the same areas, taking on a holistic approach that supported the mentees personal and professional development.

“We are honored to have worked with UN Women within this impactful programme and support the micro-entrepreneurs through 360-degree mentoring. Throughout this programme, we’ve seen that mentoring provides a safe space where the women can share their experiences and overcome challenges with the support of their peers. The gains are clear, 30 per cent of the women who were not economically active were able to establish new businesses, which means that they are well on their way to create sustainable sources of income that pour into their host-community’s economy” affirmed Kathleen Bury, CEO of Mowgli Mentoring.

Engaging both Jordanian and Syrian refugee women, the programme provided one-on-one business mentoring led by trained Mowgli mentors. The mentors took on a shoulder to shoulder relationship with their mentees supporting them to further develop their confidence, motivation, mindset, leadership, and resilience to overcome interconnected challenges faced by women in pursuing and sustaining their own business initiatives.

‘Promoting women’s economic empowerment is critical for Jordan to achieve its goal of inclusive economic growth. Women need a holistic set of services to enter and remain in the market with their businesses. The mentorship approach can increase the chances for entrepreneurship initiatives to be successful and sustainable. This can also have a multiplier effect on the local economy at the Governorate level, as women are engaged not only as wage-earners but also as job-creators for other women in their communities’ affirmed Ms. Hazar Asfoura on behalf of UN Women.’

The programme “Mentoring for Success” also includes a dedicated component for mentors to develop and enhance their competencies, whereby mentors now have access to the Mowgli Mentor Alumni Network to continue providing support to other women both across the region and globally.

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The EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian Crisis (the “Madad Fund”)

Since its establishment in 2014, the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis, the “Madad Fund”, has mobilized almost €1.5 billion, including contributions from 22 EU Member States and Turkey, to support more than 2 million Syrian refugees and local communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, the Western Balkans, and Armenia. The “Madad Fund” helps both Syrian refugees and local communities get better access to education, job opportunities, healthcare, water and protection services. The “Madad Fund” also contributes to a stronger and cohesive society, with a particular focus on children, youth and women.