Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge) announces the appointment of four new Board Members

The Human Edge Board Members

Mowgli Mentoring announced today the appointment of four new Board Members: Dinah Njuguna, Rawan Albina, Vinoliah Martin and Jourdan Younis. Together with the existing board members, Peter Millett, Philippe Vogeleer and Kathleen Bury, this brings the number of Board Members to seven.

These new Board Members will provide strategic guidance for continued growth around Mowgli Mentoring’s mission – to build conducive mentoring environments so that effective mentoring is available and accessible for all entrepreneurs and leaders to be better equipped to solve local and global challenges and in turn drive change and growth.  

“We are extremely grateful to welcome our new Board Members,” said Peter Millett, Chairman at Mowgli Mentoring. “Each one of them provides our Board with a unique background, experience and perspective and we look forward to making the most of their expertise and guidance for the coming years.” 

Kathleen Bury, Mowgli Mentoring CEO said, “As a values-driven and human-centric organisation we knew that we needed trusted, authentic and committed individuals to join our Board, who would collaboratively bring their full selves and diverse experience to the table. We sought individuals who would be entrepreneurial thinkers and eager to provide learning, challenge and act as drivers to stretch our thinking as well as support us in balancing high performance with our organisational well-being – just as you would expect from a mentoring relationship. Jourdan, Vinoliah, Dinah and Rawan, together with Peter and Philippe, all encompass these values and characteristics. I am truly honoured to be serving alongside them and humbled by their individual passions and drivers to fulfil our mission” 

Dinah Njuguna is an Investment Manager across Africa with Kiva, who provides debt to high-growth social enterprises and microfinance institutions across Africa, Asia, LATAM, and the USA. She worked with Endeavor Kenya, a company that supports high-growth companies through technical support and venture capital investments. Her deep exposure and experience on how companies can scale with the power of a reliable and well-developed network, smart capital, and a sound business model will help Mowgli Mentoring to increase its scalability and investment readiness as well as gain access to new impact investment, corporate and bank networks to support its growth. 

Rawan Albina is an expert Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, leading Aberkyn in the Middle East. She previously worked with multinationals Tetra Pak and Nestle, before becoming a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, coaching and facilitating the transformation of the minds and hearts of hundreds of leaders including CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. Rawan will help Mowgli Mentoring to further strengthen their internal mentoring culture, talent and leadership to support their ambitious growth plans, to develop existing and new mentoring and leadership transformation journeys as well as provide leading insight into the world of organisational leadership development and the role mentoring can play within that space. 

Vinoliah Martin is a Technology Strategist with Microsoft, viewed as a virtual Chief Technology Officer and is at the forefront of digital transformation efforts for enterprise businesses. Her in-depth experience in orchestrating global and local teams and truly helping organisations digitally transform their business processes, operations and business models while putting people at the centre of this transformation journey will guide Mowgli Mentoring to set out and embark on an internal and customer-facing digital transformation pathway which will position Mowgli Mentoring as a relevant player for the future. 

Jourdan Younis is a Californian serial entrepreneur, Board Member for Presidio Advisors and a Director for Alpin Limited, a privately held sustainable development company with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Doha. He is focused on bringing innovation into the development industry, growing Alpin into new markets and partnering with key organizations such as UNIDO, Fortune 500 firms, sovereign wealth funds and various governmental ministries. Jourdan will further bring the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation focus into Mowgli Mentoring’s strategy implementation, financial management and product development and enable it to gain access to new networks within the Middle East, Europe and the US.

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Mowgli Mentoring’s Board Members are Peter Millett (Chairman), Philippe VogeleerDinah NjugunaRawan AlbinaJourdan YounisVinoliah Martin and Kathleen Bury

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