Beyond “Good job”: 7 Steps to maximise the impact of your mentoring conversations 

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Unlocking Powerful Communication in Mentoring Conversations  Have you ever had that sinking feeling after a mentoring session? You did your best to show up and support your mentee, but something felt off. Maybe your mentee seemed unsure or disengaged. The truth is, effective mentoring goes beyond simply sharing knowledge or giving advice. It’s about fostering […]

Venture capital investors with a difference; how Presidio Advisors utilises mentoring skills to support better outcomes and impacts for entrepreneurs.

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Venture capital investors are changing.

They’re evolving beyond just providing startups with funding and working to secure better outcomes and a bigger impact. Presidio Invest is a venture capital investment firm that focuses on investment in founders who are pioneering start-ups focused on making the world a better and more sustainable place. Find out how they leverage mentoring to do this.