Beyond Authority: Great Leaders Act Like Mentors (and You Can too) 

A recent study shows that for 70% of people, the leaders’ and managers’ impact on an employee’s mental health rivals that of their partner – and surpasses both their therapist and doctor. That’s a powerful weight to carry as a leader or manager. But it’s also an incredible opportunity to positively influence employee well-being .  […]

How can mentoring increase the chances of business success?

How can mentoring increase the chances of business success? - Blog Image

We have all heard that effective mentoring is a powerful thing. But what if we told you, that for new entrepreneurs and businesses, it could be the difference between success and failure, and help minimise and mitigate risks in business? 

The importance of mentoring in the workplace 

The importance of mentoring in the workplace - Blog Image

Mentoring can help your employees learn new skills, improve their performance, and improve their relationships with other staff members. It helps them develop as leaders through the creation of a culture of empowerment and growth within your business. It can help you build a team of happy, fulfilled employees, who are more likely to stay with your company and help it grow.  

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