Beyond Authority: Great Leaders Act Like Mentors (and You Can too) 

A recent study shows that for 70% of people, the leaders’ and managers’ impact on an employee’s mental health rivals that of their partner – and surpasses both their therapist and doctor. That’s a powerful weight to carry as a leader or manager. But it’s also an incredible opportunity to positively influence employee well-being .  […]

Beyond “Good job”: 7 Steps to maximise the impact of your mentoring conversations 

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Unlocking Powerful Communication in Mentoring Conversations  Have you ever had that sinking feeling after a mentoring session? You did your best to show up and support your mentee, but something felt off. Maybe your mentee seemed unsure or disengaged. The truth is, effective mentoring goes beyond simply sharing knowledge or giving advice. It’s about fostering […]

Relationships: The Foundation of Sustainable Social Change 

Blog Image - The Foundation of Sustainable Social Change

The power of relationships is often overlooked in the world of social change. But at Mowgli Mentoring, we believe that relationships are the foundation of sustainable change. In this blog post, we explore how relationships, coupled with core skills like powerful questioning and active listening, can be used to drive sustainable social change.

6 Key Skills for Active Listeners 

Active listening is more than just hearing the words someone is saying. It is a powerful skill that can transform your interactions as a mentor or leader. By truly engaging with others and understanding their perspectives, active listening creates a safe and supportive space for open communication. In this blog post, we will delve into the six key skills that every active listener should possess. These skills not only enhance your ability to connect with others but also allow you to tailor your guidance and support to their unique needs. Whether you are an experienced mentor or a new leader, mastering these skills will help you unlock the full potential of those you lead. Join us on this journey to becoming a better listener and a more effective guide.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth: How mentoring-centred personalised support pathways led to 2.35 jobs created per entrepreneur in 5 months in Tunisia 

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Growth - Blog Image

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging journey filled with uncertainty and risk. Startups typically have limited resources and must operate in a highly competitive environment, making it difficult to establish a foothold in the market and attract customers. Additionally, entrepreneurs often lack a supportive environment or access to networks and resources, which can make the […]