Why invest in a Mowgli Mentoring Program?

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Wherever I find an entrepreneur who’s been successful in any measure, I always find a mentor. Tony Bury, Founder, Mowgli Mentoring

Mentoring can transform an individual, be they an entrepreneur or future leader. At Mowgli we’ve made mentoring our main focus, using structured mentoring programs to build the capacity of aspiring mentors and empowering mentees to reach new heights.

Mentoring goes beyond training, coaching and business advisory services by enabling mentees to find their own solutions and achieve their goals.

Mowgli’s 360-degree mentoring methodology uniquely focuses on providing the foundations for a long-term trusted mentoring relationship and space for professional and personal exploration and growth, enhancing capacity (motivation, confidence, mindset and resilience) as well as developing capability (knowledge, skills and behaviours). Mentors act as mirrors, companions and guides, supporting mentees to own and drive their growth.

Source: A Decade of Impact, Mowgli Mentoring


New Mowgli Mentors are trained for each program. They are professionals and business experts who are carefully recruited, selected and trained. They are then systematically matched with a mentee in a one-to-one mentoring relationship, and both are supported for a period of six to 12 months. With guidance, confidence, motivation and safety, mentees are free to explore what is holding them back from achieving their full professional and personal potential, enabling them to grow as humans and leaders. Meanwhile mentors develop their own interpersonal, business, communication and leadership skills.

Source: A Decade of Impact, Mowgli Mentoring

Mowgli Mentees may be micro, small or medium size entrepreneurs, who have an idea, are working to break even, are ready for growth; or who are organisational leaders looking to move ahead in their careers or offer their knowledge to their teams and communities. Many of Mowgli’s programs focus on empowering women and youth within these two categories.


Mowgli can run:

  1. An end-to-end mentoring programme, from recruitment through to selection, mentor training, preparation of mentees and the matching of mentors and mentees, to ongoing structured support, including refresher sessions and a graduation program
  2. Mentor training programmes for corporate, incubator, accelerator and educational institution partners, building mentoring skills, cultures and peer-to-peer networks
  3. A mentoring programme coordinator course, building the capacity of a dedicated person within a partner institution to increase the chances of success.


Default rates are low throughout our programs and both mentors and mentees subsequently mentor others, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the program, the investment and the change. Our data shows that two thirds of Mowgli mentors have mentored an average of two additional mentees during their mentoring year*, a trend that continues long after the end of the program.

The on-going pandemic has challenged the way we conduct mentoring. Considering the safety of our participants and team, and in-line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid-19 guidelines, Mowgli Mentoring is currently not delivering in-person mentoring activities.

Having piloted our first online mentoring program last year in Kenya, we’ve quickly scaled our online offering and successfully moved all our program delivery phases online including but not limited to recruitment, mentor training, on-going support and graduation.

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