GoRise Mentoring Programme – Accelerating Growth for Tunisian Entrepreneurs

The GoRise Mentoring Programme, combining mentoring, coaching, and technical support, helped Tunisian entrepreneurs achieve significant economic, business, and personal growth. Entrepreneurs created an average of 2.35 jobs per entrepreneur within 5 months, highlighting the program's effectiveness.
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Project: GoRise Mentoring Programme

Location: Tunisia

Client: GIZ Tunisia (Digital Transformation Programme)


Tunisian tech/digital entrepreneurs face a challenging environment with limited resources, high competition, and difficulty securing funding. This hinders their growth and job creation potential.


Mowgli Mentoring (now The Human Edge), supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented the GoRise Mentoring Programme. This provided personalised support pathways for 24 seed and early-growth stage entrepreneurs, including:

  • Mentoring: International mentors provided guidance, support, and helped entrepreneurs set and achieve goals.
  • Business Coaching: Addressed specific skill gaps and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.
  • Technical Support Training: Experts delivered sessions on business planning, value proposition, and sales.
  • Peer Network: Connected entrepreneurs with a network of other innovators and mentors.


  • Economic Impact: Created an average of 2.35 jobs per entrepreneur within 5 months, significantly exceeding regional averages.
  • Business Growth: Increased confidence in business skills, planning, marketing, and financial management.
  • Personal Growth: Entrepreneurs developed leadership skills, communication, and self-confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentoring, coaching, and technical support, combined, create a comprehensive approach to support successful entrepreneurship.
  • Personalised support pathways cater to individual needs and challenges, leading to greater impact.
  • Entrepreneurs with the right support can overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.