The Human Edge launches a practical guide to Entrepreneurial Mentoring and new self-paced Mentor Training Course 

The Human Edge Launches Guide for Practical Mentoring

London, 2 Nov 2023 – The Human Edge, formerly known as Mowgli Foundation, announces the launch of two important resources to enable mentors to better support business and social impact leaders.

“Mentoring Entrepreneurs – the Insider’s Guide to Shaping Success” The Human Edge introduces “Mentoring Entrepreneurs – the Insider’s Guide to Shaping Success.”

We know that mentors are important in the life of an entrepreneur and the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. But where do these mentors come from? While many will have a business background, mentoring is not an innate skill, but rather something that is learned and perfected through deliberate effort and practice.  
Despite the wealth of information available on mentoring, there’s a noticeable gap when it comes to specific guidance on mentoring entrepreneurs. This comprehensive guide, written with entrepreneurial mentors for mentors, caters to both seasoned and aspiring mentors, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills needed to build confidence in their practice. Building on the experience of over 30 mentors of entrepreneurs, it is a practical and versatile companion for anyone interested in transformative mentoring relationship books and entrepreneurial success.

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New Self-Paced Mentor Training Course

Accompanying the book, The Human Edge is equally thrilled to announce the launch of its self-paced Mentor Training Course: Mentoring Skill and Practice (Level 1). This EMCC accredited curriculum promises to empower individuals seeking to excel in the role of mentor by honing their mentoring abilities. Participants will delve into the fundamental tenets of effective mentoring, enabling them to structure and fortify their mentoring connections and make an enduring impact.

These two milestones, the launch of “Mentoring Entrepreneurs” and upcoming launch of their self-paced Mentor Training Course, mark a pivotal moment in the organisation’s journey. The Human Edge is poised to continue its mission of designing and running human-centered learning and development programmes that enable individuals and organisations to deepen self-awareness, overcome challenges, build strong relationships, and achieve greater progress at scale. Their expertise in mentoring and coaching will remain at the heart of their approach, driving positive transformation for individuals and organisations alike.  

The Human Edge welcomes you to explore these exciting new products. For inquiries and support related to the book and the Mentor Training Course, please contact info@humanedge.org.uk.  

For more information, visit [www.humanedge.org.uk]. 

About The Human Edge:

Building thriving businesses and social impact organisations that drive lasting positive change takes confident leadership, skills and connections. The Human Edge, formerly Mowgli Mentoring, is a mentoring and coaching specialist organisation. We use this expertise as a foundation to design and deliver learning and development programmes and initiatives for entrepreneurs, social impact managers and leaders. Through our work, we equip people, organisations and ecosystems with the tools, approaches, and skills to overcome challenges, build stronger relationships, steer their organisations forward and achieve greater impact, faster. We partner globally, and work in multiple languages, across contexts, cultures, and sectors

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