Mowgli Mentoring is now The Human Edge

Mowgli Mentoring is now The Human Edge

Today, I’m excited to share that after 15 years as Mowgli Foundation and Mowgli Mentoring, we are now The Human Edge.  It’s a change that will further put the ‘human’ in human capacity development, enabling business and social impact leaders to excel at creating the positive change they seek. 

Reflecting on our journey 

Over the past 15 years, Mowgli Mentoring has evolved and grown in ways that have surpassed our wildest expectations. From our humble beginnings as a foundation to becoming a social enterprise, we have had the privilege of working with over 70 partners across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, delivering more than 160 mentoring-centred learning and development programmes. Our impact has been profound, supporting over 3300 entrepreneurs/MSME leaders, NGO/social and corporate managers and leaders, refugees, education and finance professionals in steering their organisations and work forward effectively.  

As we reflected on our journey and strategic direction, we realised that Mowgli Mentoring, a name and brand that once resonated with our founding, mission and being, was limiting our ability to fulfil our vision and create the impact we seek. We knew we needed to evolve, and we embraced the opportunity.  

We are now The Human Edge. 

Why The Human Edge? What does it mean for us? 

The – With over 15 years of experience, we are confident, bold and courageous in our work. We are THE trusted organisation that vision-aligned clients and partners want to collaborate with. 

Human – since our founding we’ve placed people at the centre of our work; our values speak directly to this, and our mentoring and coaching expertise focuses on strengthening individuals on a holistic basis. This will continue as we are driven to reinforce and champion the need for investing in the development and strengthening of human intelligence in balance to the explosion of artificial intelligence/technology.  

Edge – We firmly believe that our humanity is and always will be our greatest asset. It empowers us to lead, collaborate, and infuse purpose into our endeavours, propelling progress and meaningful change in the world. From day one, we pioneered mentoring in entrepreneurship and leadership across the Middle East and North Africa. Our pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit continues to redefine what’s possible in driving impactful change. Our programmes and courses attract and equip individuals on the cusp of their comfort zones, providing the skills, confidence, and support needed to expand their ‘edges’ and enhance both their and their organisation’s performance. 

What does this rebrand mean for our work? 

In response to the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurial and leadership needs and evidence which showcases how mentoring amplifies the impact and return on investment of other support initiatives, we are implementing our Mentoring+ expansion strategy.  

Our strategy focuses on creating and delivering personalised learning programmes centred around people’s needs. We use mentoring and coaching as the main pillars of companionship, guidance and direction setting, and complement them with other forms of support; training and leadership development programmes, the provision of technical assistance and/or industry expertise, and grant making. These personalised learning pathways equip participants with the tools, approaches and skills to overcome challenges, build stronger relationships, steer their organisations forward with confidence and achieve greater impact faster. 

This strategic step aligns our essence with the dynamic organisation we are becoming and our bold vision for the future.   

What does this rebrand mean for you who have been with us on the journey? 

Since 2008, we’re so appreciative of the growing support for our vision and increased desire from growth-driven individuals to experience the benefits of mentoring and coaching and/or give the opportunity for others to do so. We know that the brand identity of The Human Edge is a considerable shift away from Mowgli Mentoring and although we as a team are really excited about the change, we are fully aware that not everyone will feel the same way as us. We appreciate that this change may feel like we are moving away from our essence and that the association that many mentors and mentees had with calling themselves Mowgli Mentors and Mowgli Mentees, may feel as though they no longer can identify as this and/or belong. 

We assure you that, whilst our external appearance may change, our core ethos remains unchanged and our mentors and mentees become T.H.E Mentors and T.H.E Mentees, continuing to set the bar for mentoring within the regions where we have worked and will work. We will continue to do what we do best – designing and running human-centred learning and development programmes and initiatives that enable people to deepen their self-awareness, overcome their challenges, develop strong and long-lasting relationships with others and achieve even greater progress, at scale. Our mentoring and coaching expertise will continue to be at the heart of our approach, driving positive transformation for individuals and organisations alike.  

Your trust and support mean the world to us, and I am deeply grateful for you being with us on this journey. If you have used the Mowgli Mentoring’s logo in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them. Please reach out to us at for any support and if you have any queries. 

This change will, in no way, alter the bedrock of our relationship and the depth of our commitment to working together and we are eager to explore new horizons together as we embark on the path ahead as The Human Edge.  

Kat Bury -Mowgli Mentoring
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